21 June 2013

Rally-goers ordered to provoke us, claim cops

The Kuala Lumpur police chief has claimed that organisers of the 'Black 505' rally tomorrow have ordered its participants to "provoke" authorities who are stationed at Padang Merbok and the seven gathering points, with the purpose of "creating a riot".

"The provocation is in order to trigger the anger of the police towards participants of the rally which can create a riot at the respective locations," KL police chief Mohmad Salleh ( right ) said in a statement today.

He also claimed that the riot will be created in order to demonstrate police violence to "the whole world".

"The organisers are expected to create riots around Kuala Lumpur, and information will be spread to the whole world through communication mediums in order to demonstrate the police violence," he said in a strongly worded statement on the eve of the rally.

He discouraged people from joining the rally, claiming that "it was clear" that the intention of the organisers, without naming anyone in particular, was to see "a clash between the police and the participants".

Mohmad's statement comes merely hours after PKR claimed that the police had told the organisers that the cops will help facilitate tomorrow's rally.

PKR, one of the key organisers for the rally, claimed that the rally organisers had received unofficial confirmation from the Dang Wangi police district headquarters that the police will facilitate the rally.

However, official statements from the police so far had only pointed to possible police action - with cops stressing that organising the rally would be violating the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 and would thus be open to police action.

The seven meeting points are Pekeliling, PAS' headquarters at Jalan Raja Laut, Sogo Shopping Centre, Hotel Lok Ann on Jalan Sultan, the National Mosque, Brickfields and Universiti Malaya.


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