17 June 2013

iOS 7 in a Nutshell

Here comes the star. Going through an overhaul, WWDC 2013 is the best place to do it. Some called it a rebirth while others shout foul play. However, this humble writer decides to stay on the fence. There are things to like and there are things to hate. Also, it combines a lot of design cues from Android and features from Windows Phone 8.

To start, users will instantly noticed how Apple got rid of all the rich details on the iOS icons. It is no longer the looks they recognise. Going for a more simple and flat look, there will be reasons to finally like some of the icons. One of the biggest changes is how the system respond to users. For example, iOS 7 will make use of the accelerometer to achieve a depth not seen in previous versions. Another nice touch is the line and colour of the control panel change according to the dominant colour of your homescreen picture.

Let's not forget about the apps as there are new ones and improved ones too:

  • Control Centre - New to Apple is Control Centre, which is Apple's answers to Android's power toggles. However, this can be activated from within any app that brings control to WiFi, brightness, torchlight and frequently accessed settings.
  • AirDrop - If this sounds familiar, then you probably heard this from OS X. Apple is introducing iOS this feature for users to share files peer-to-peer with other iOS users nearby. Take note that only the latest iOS device can get this feature to work.
  • iTunes Radio - Move aside Pandora, Google Music and Spotify, the company is unleashing its own internet radio too. Of course with ads. There will be theme-centric playlists or you can build your own too.
  • Safari - Opening this web browser will brings déjà vu to users. It takes a has a lot of function seen on Google Chrome with no limits to how many tabs can be opened (only eight tabs on previous version) and a unified search menu (which was removed in iOS 3)
  • Camera and Photo - Alongside the new look, these apps will also get an overhaul with easier to manage photos. Just create a Shared Photostreams, which other users can post photos and share.
  • Other updates - Siri gets a male voice and pull data from more sources while the App Store gets a new design with apps being able to update automatically. Additionally, prepare to say hello to iOS in cars like Honda, Mercedes, Nissan and others.

All these and more features will be available in Q3 of 2013.


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