29 July 2013

Fugitive cop surrenders, to be charged tomorrow

S Hare Krishnan, the police officer sought in connection with the custodial death of N Dharmendran, surrendered this morning and is expected to be charged tomorrow.

He surrendered at the Bukit Aman police headquarters at 10.30am and was later brought to the Dang Wangi district police headquarters at 11am to have his statement recorded.

Earlier, confusion reigned over Hare Krishnan's appearance in court as his family claimed that he was being charged today.

Hare Krishnan, who had been in contact with his wife Shaarmini Balakrishnan since surrendering, had sent her a text message claiming that he would be charged this afternoon.

The police however later clarified that he would be charged tomorrow.

This morning, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar also told the press that the police officer would be charged tomorrow.

"Hare Krishnan turned himself in to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director (Hadi Ho Abdullah) with his lawyer," he had said.

Shaarmini, who turned up at the Dang Wangi police headquarters, with six other family members, expressed surprise when she learned of Khalid's announcement.

"They have not concluded investigations and they want to charge him," she said.

The family was in the dark for over three hours about Hare Krishnan's status, as they claimed that the Investigating Officer (IO) handling his case had told them that Hare Krishnan would be released after having his statement recorded, without informing them that the 40-year-old inspector would be charged.

The police officer, who was attached to the serious crime division, had gone missing after Dhamendran's case caused a public uproar.

He had previously lodged a police report claiming innocence and this fueled speculation of him being framed by his superiors.

Three other policemen had since been charged in connection with the case.

It was revealed that Dhamendran had died due to blunt force trauma, while staples were found on his ears and ankles.


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